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A next generation smart contract and decentralized application platform for crypto revolution The founders of the company BDCC Genesis believe their main mission is to build a society united by common desire to learn how to manage sophisticated technologies changing more and more our normal reality. From one side we see and accept the progressive role of digital technologies in the modern world. From the other side we understand not everyone has access to them. A big number of fully-fledged citizens are cut off from technological progress owing to financial, political, geographical, mental and other reasons. We see the digital divide as a global challenge to humankind and are ready to work on overcoming it. Our contribution to deal with this problem is our unique product, a high-tech platform making advanced technologies publicly accessible and Promoting them High tech inevitably becomes part of our everyday life. That’s why we see education and training of millions future users as our primary task. For this purpose we offer to become a part of the global cryptosystem and an international community, where everyone will have possibility to communicate, to gather useful information about new technologies and to get acquainted with technological advances and recent developments in hi-tech industry. We developed powerful platform BITICA COIN based on advanced technologies. However it’s structured the way that every step made by every user is user-friendly and does not require any special knowledge and skills.

BDCC Token Distributation

  • ICO: 1450000 Bitica Token
  • Network Program: 6390000 Bitica token
  • Partners & Investors: 2880000 Bitica token
  • Founders: 6290000 Bitica token
  • Legal & Miscellaneous: 990000 Bitica token
  • Total Supply: 18000000 Bitica token

  • The social network BDCC Network combines all members of BITICA COIN community. According to experts the social network will account for about 100 000 00 users within next five years. It’s not only a global community where everyone can find adherents, we also give our members an effective and useful tool for business communications. Compared to other social networks where you can have only 2 000 – 5 000 friends, in BDCC Network you can have 100 000 friends. It Especially benefits those who has an online business or plans to start it and draw the attention of potential customer. The platform has additional opportunities for private companies promotion and favorable marketing conditions. Business accounts has even more benefits. We really want our users to improve their wellbeing with our assistance that’s why there are additional activity bonuses in BDCC network.

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